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Product groups

Connection of air terminals and round and flat conductors in parallel, cross and T-shaped configurations.
Holder systems for mounting round and flat conductors on roofs, facades and foundations.
They enable shallow or deep vertical grounding in any type of ground.
Housings for the ground and facade of the buildings, in which we make a control connection of the earth with the down conductor.
Free-standing masts create a protected zone, take over and discharge direct lightning current to the air terminal grid.
Elements for building air terminals on roofs and protected devices.
Devices for straightening round and flat conductors.
Round and flat conductors used in the construction of lightning protection and earthing devices
rury odgromowe
Lightning protection pipes are used to cover round lightning cables in the façade and flat ground conductors (tape conductor holders) in the grounding.
instalacja odgromowa, akcesoria
Additional products necessary for the construction of lightning protection systems.
odgromówka, osprzęt nn
Equipment for the construction of low voltage aerial and ground cable networks
listwa zaciskowa
Protective, neutral and current connection terminal strips.