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INNOVATION - discover the unknown

Phew! And we were already starting to worry that you wouldn’t look here.

You probably scanned the “ABOUT US” and “PRODUCTS” pages carefully,
and a thought is already sprouting on the back of the head.

So now get ready for more!

Long time ago…

The Austrian economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter knew perfectly well what he was doing when he introduced and described in 1911 the concept of “innovation” (Latin innovatio – renewal). But he did not foresee that 85 years later it would become the bread and butter of AN-KOM.

For us, innovations:

create new, even better lightning protection products

implement innovative technologies and our own production methods

discover and create new markets where others have not noticed them yet

obtaining and testing materials that have seemed a distant future so far

AN-KOM: innovations makes your dreams come true

Each new idea that arises in the mind is a certain vision of the future; a part of something amazing that can change the world.

Obviously, nothing would have been created if it were not for the fathers of innovation, i.e. a staff of our dedicated engineers and technicians from:

  • technical and commercial department, who constantly monitor and analyze market needs and create the best offers for customers
  • design department (R&D), who are making all effort to turn fantastic ideas into prototypes, intended for further tests

Innovativeness means investment in modern technologies

There is a well-known saying that if you do not develop, you go backwards.

At AN-KOM we took to heart the message conveyed by these words. That is why, since the company was founded in 1996, we have focused not only on the skilled and professional people, but also on investments in technologically advanced production facilities that enable the implementation of more and more efficient and safer lightning protection systems – exactly those which we and our customers dreamed of.

Research and development are the key to perfection

Before Thomas Alva Edison patented the bulb, he made approx. 11 thousand attempts, the overwhelming majority of which ended in failure.

This shows how tedious and time-consuming is the process preceding the implementation of an innovative product on the market. In addition, today’s stringent safety standards make that even the wealthiest companies need support from the world of science.

At AN-KOM, we understand this perfectly, so we have been cooperating with the best research centers in Poland for years, so that the quality of our products is confirmed and documented with certificates.

The AN-KOM design department is supported by:
Quality Research Office in Lublin
Cracow University of Technology
Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion in Warsaw
Institute of Precision Mechanics
in Warsaw

We implement innovations successfully!

The implementation of new products and solutions that set trends is a long-term process that lasts until the best parameters are obtained through rigorous tests in various conditions.

On the other hand, cooperation with scientists, designers and contractors resulted in the introduction of a number of changes in the field of safer operation of new products and even better protection of facilities:

wind resistance for
zone I, II, III of the Republic of Poland
in colors

We know how to ensure

your safety!