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Cookies policy

Our website collects automatically only the data contained in the cookies we use.

Cookies are small text files stored in the User’s device.

We use Cookies on our Website to:

  • facilitate the use of our Website by adapting it to user’s preferences and needs, as well as adapting the Website to user’s software;
  • gather information on the interests and activity of the users in order to adapt appropriate advertising content to them;
  • gather information about users in order to generate a page adjusted to their needs.

We use two types of Cookies on our Website:

  • session – cookies that are removed from user’s device upon logging out, closing the browser or leaving the Website;
  • permanent – cookies, that are stored in the device until the time specified or until deleted by the users

These cookies can also be categorized as:

  • „necessary”- that allow to use the Website properly  „functional”- that remember the User’s settings on the Website;
  • „advertising”- that allow to adjust the advertisements to the User and his/her interests;
  • „performance”- that collect data on the use of our Website;
    ensuring safety.

Most of the browsers used in the default settings allow cookies to be saved. However, each Website User may make changes to their web browser in order to: completely block / delete all cookies or individual files.

If the User does not change the above-mentioned settings, he accepts the cookies used by our Website.

In the event of a change in cookie settings, our Website may not work fully and thus blocking / deleting cookies may affect the proper use of our Website by the User.

Each User can get more information about cookies in the “Help” section of the web browser.

Pursuant to the Act of November 16, 2012 amending the Telecommunications Act and certain other acts (Journal of Laws – Dz.U.2012.1445), the obligation to implement the above Cookies Policy arose.

The Cookies policy is the exclusive property of Lawyer’s Office Jerzy Kolber. The owner reserves all rights in or to the work in particular: copying, use or alteration without the owner’s consent. The Cookies policy is in accordance with the legal status as at the date of its preparation, i.e. 19.04.2013r.