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About us

Welcome to AN-KOM!

It’s good to see you – make yourself at home, check our redesigned website and see how we are developing!

We certainly are not going to bore you with plain facts or with bragging how great we are.

We are aware that when you check “About us” page it because your are looking for a business partner and that’s great!

Quick introduction: How did it all started

Our company was founded in 1996, when the owners decided to develop a niche in the electrical industry by starting the production and sale of components for lightning protection systems for industrial facilities and residential buildings.

Why the name: AN-KOM

It’s simple, “AN” stands for the location in Andrychów, and “KOM” is an abbreviation for a comet (pl. kometa), meaning a reference to the speed of action, which is one of our advantages. The name is obliging, so we stick to good rules.

See what you can get from us

Whether you are a huge wholesaler, professional installer or esteemed designer – we will provide you with everything you are looking for. You should also know that AN-KOM is a GUARANTEE OF:

safety and high-quality products, which we test and analyze constantly in cooperation with: Quality Research Office in Lublin, Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion in Warsaw and the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw

assortment adjusted to the needs of the market of lightning protection components

flexibility and quick response (48h) to the changing investment conditions – competent technical and commercial specialists are always at your disposal

good business partnership based on the following values: TRUST, RESPECT, EMPATHY and willingness to help in crisis situations

the necessary substantive support, thanks to product and practical trainings

the benefits of many years of experience and operation in the lightning protection industry

Nothing about us without us

We have always looked to the future, boldly planning for decades ahead. Thanks to this, we have consistently gained valuable experience, which now results in the form of:

  • most modern machine park,
  • a selected staff of creative engineers and technicians

We act ethically based on well-tested solutions and we adhere to our own good practices that are perfect in the production process and in business contacts.

Ancestral treasure

The Andrychów region is our place on earth, a place full of inspiration with a view of mountain peaks – a symbol of perseverance in pursuing the goal.

We are proud that we live, work and create our history in this place. We are one of the few who take the trouble to attract valuable people from the local labor market. We nurture their development, and they reward us with reliable work and loyalty based on lasting relationships, just like in a family.

We are local patriots, providing employment to the inhabitants of Andrychów and the surrounding area, and supplying ourselves with the necessary goods and services from local entrepreneurs.

Do you know that...

Jan Herman Osiński was the pioneer of the Polish lightning protection systems?

In 1784, he published his work “A Way to Save Life and Property Against Lightning”, which was the first work in the field of electrical engineering in Poland.

We are developing fast

When the sky is covered with dark clouds, the horizon flashes, and in the distance you hear an ominous rumbling then you know that something is happening – a storm is coming!
We love… brainstorming! Our construction team, popularly known as the “ar-end-di” department, daily creates a storm of ideas in the laboratory, which results in the lightning of creativity and a rain of innovative solutions and improvements. All this so that every customer could work and sleep peacefully during the raging forces of nature.

And that’s it – as you can see, the whole puzzle is a masterpiece that we’ve been polishing for years. We invite you to cooperate with us and we look forward to hearing from you in whichever form you prefer!

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