AN-KOM is a Polish company that has been producing necessary components for external lightning protection systems for over 20 years.


Our solutions Your safety

Our offer provides solutions that meet all
current lightning protection standards.
The quality of our products has been confirmed by tests
and documented by all the relevant certifications.


Modern and durable lightning protection systems
for residential and industrial facilities.


what makes us unique ?

We guarantee the high-quality products with fast delivery, as well as appropriate technical assistance.

20 years of experience
For production we use
modern machine park
high quality of our
products confirmed by tests
technical and sales support
of our specialists
at each stage of cooperation
short terms
of order realization
technical training
on the solutions we offer

with us !

Our offer

Product groups



Earth electrodes

Boxes and manholes

Masts and spires

Air terminals


Ground wires

Lightning protection pipes


NN equipment

Terminal blocks

Our solutions Your safety.

The examples of the implementation of lightining protection systems

Since the beginning of our company, we constantly focus on development, new technologies, and solutions that enhance the competitiveness of our offer in the field of lightning protection systems. We can see the effects of our strategy as the market of our customers is rapidly growing and includes now several hundred electrotechnical wholesalers throughout the country.